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A Gundam Wing Stamping Community

A Gundam Wing Stamping Community
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Hi! This is gwstamps, a Gundam Wing stamping community. In here, people will vote on you as a character from this awesome anime, manga and OVA.

-Please, no cosplay pictures until you get your stamp.
-You still can vote, if you haven't been stamped yet.
-You will be stamped after five days.
-If you didn't like your stamp, you can apply again, after two weeks. But you can apply only once, sorry.
-Try to be creative when voting, alright?
-Could you please save your stamps on your own server?
-When applying, miind using an lj-cut? If you dunno how to use one, it's pretty much like this: your text only taking away the exclamation points.
-Post something with ''Just Communication'' on your subject line, please. So it will be known that you have read the rules.
-Mind trying staying at least a bit active?

-You need to join the community, in order to post.
-Please, be nice, okay? Respect everyone.
-Bold your votes, please, so it will be easier to read.
-When you vote, try to keep up to three characters, if you don't mind.

-Be nice, please.
-Once you've been stamped, feel free to post things about Gundam Wing here.

Prefer being stamped as a male, female or either?
Zodiacal Sign:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Food:
Strong Points:
Weak Points:
Shy or Outgoing?
Leader or Follower?
Plans for the future?
Describe yourself with up to six words:
Most important thing for you:
Favorite Gundam Wing Character ( why )?
Least favorite Gundam Wing Character ( why )?
Favorite moment on Gundam Wing:
Anything else?
Please post at least three pictures of yourself, or a description: ( Please, don't post cosplay pictures )

Teh stamps: The stamps are here: The stamps.

Options ( If you want a stamp of a character other then these, please tell the mod, ok? )
Catherine Bloom
Chang Wufei
Dorothy Catalonia
Duo Maxwell
Heero Yuy
Hilde Schbeiker
Lady Une
Lucrezia Noin
Mariemaia Kushrenada
Quatre Raberba Winner
Relena Peacecraft
Sally Po
Trowa Barton
Treize Khushrenada
Zechs Marquise

Stamped List: Stamped members.

If you would like to, please tell me.
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