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A Gundam Wing Stamping Community
Just Communication 
21st-May-2009 09:21 pm
Chibi! TroCath
Yaay, I found another GW stamping comm!
I don't know if it's still active, but I'll post anyway. XD


Name: Airiz
Nicknames: Schizoid Sprite, Skittz, Riz, Ai,
Age: 17
Gender: female
Prefer being stamped as a male, female or either? Either! XD
Zodiacal Sign: Virgo
Favorite Color: Black, White, Yellow and Red
Favorite Food: Japanese and Philippine cuisine. Chocolates!!
Likes: Music, Photojournalism, Surreal Art, Tea, Iced Coffee, Korean and Japanese serials, Anime (Gundam Wing's my fave!), Fanfiction, Drawing, Poetry, Colors, Confectioneries, Pastries, CHOCOLATES, Science Fiction books, Manga, Suspense films, Travel, Nature, My Chemical Romance, Animals (especially cats).
Dislikes: Hmm...braggarts. judgmental people.
Hobbies: photography, listening to music, drawing, writing, movie marathon (mostly J-dorama and anime).
Strong Points: Uh, well they say I'm optimistic, analytical, observant, reliable, and frank. XD For me, though, one of my strong points is having a circle of friends that I know cares for me as much as I care for them. Aside from them being the helium in my mood balloon (really, I just love that carefree and cloud-nine feeling when I'm with them!!), my friends are always there in the times that I need them most. I'm also resilient, a tad bubbly and a tad quirky (which mysteriously magnetizes a lot of people to me). Lots of people say I'm clever, too.
Weak Points: argh, everyone seems to pick on my height. *sniff* I'm always dwarfed by everyone on my group that when anyone outside our circle will look, they'll say I'm the most unreliable 'cause I'm the size of an elementary school brat (I mean, I'm seventeen, but there's a sixteen-yr-old girl in the group that's a LOT taller than me). Aside from that physical flaw, one weak point I can point out is that there are times that I become utterly scatterbrained. I also have this penchant of saying something out loud when I thought I'm only saying it in my mind (and THAT tells a lot to other people). Gawwd, I'm talkative. And oww! CHOCOLATES. My main weakness. can't resist....mmm...
Shy or Outgoing? Oh, it changes, depending on the situation! I'm finding it weird, too: at one minute I'm very quiet and I'll be joking and talking like there's no tomorrow on the next.
Leader or Follower? Leader.
Dreams? To be a photojournalist or a (teen-mag or music-mag) writer.
Plans for the future? Finishing my studies is my main goal for now and after that, I'll work. It sounds so simple but it never really is. Just like what they say, lots of students graduate with Ph.D or B.S. or B.A., but not all of those are lucky to have a J.O.B. :)
Describe yourself with up to six words: Pixieish, Optimistic, Friendly, Cheerful, Cool-tempered, Responsible
Most important thing for you: My family
Favorite Gundam Wing Character ( why )? It's a triple tie! Dorothy: she's one of the most complex characters that I easily fell in love with. Trowa: He says a lot without talking a lot. Quatre: because he's OMG so cute one very flexible character that I can toy with in my fics. :3
Least favorite Gundam Wing Character ( why )? Hmm. None really, but just for the sake of answering this, I'll say Quinze. Haha! No reason at all.
Favorite moment on Gundam Wing: Hmmm...Perhaps that episode where Quatre went berserk, and his duel with Dorothy...and Heero's last shot at the falling part of Libra. :)
Anything else? XD
Please post at least three pictures of yourself, or a description:

[I'm the one in pink shirt] Taken last December.


Pictures below were taken last February.

21st-May-2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
This was hard! But I think Quatre was the most prominent one There were some Duo moments, and some Hilde ones, but I settled on our blond cute pilot. ^___~
22nd-May-2009 01:36 am (UTC)
I love Quatre very much, thanks for the rate! *wink*
22nd-May-2009 01:43 am (UTC)
Welcome! ^____~
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